Targeting the brain-gut-microbiome axis by ImmuneBiotics™, a new therapeutic avenue for management of neurological disorders

Bacterial interventions focused to repair the disrupted gut microbiota have not been impressive. Successful microbiome therapies require a holistic approach addressing the dysbiosis but also other important hallmarks of the disease. 

ImmuneBiotech is developing ImmuneBiotics™ – a new and multi-targeting probiotic category – focused on achieving a healthy balance between the microbiome, the immune system, and the intestinal barrier with a pharmaceutical precision. 

Using a diverse collection of lactobacilli strains and advanced selection strategies, company´s first probiotic food supplement GutMagnific®- designed to address the underlying causes of IBS – has recently been launched. The scientific rational, translational success and importance of the choice of manufacturer ensuring the highest quality of the consumer product will be discussed in this presentation.


17.00 (GMT+2)


C. SALA - S. LAVASANI (Founder & CEO ImmuneBiotech)

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